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  • The art of SEO

    This one is a good read for a starter. This book is actually recommended by one of my customers and a good friend in California. He actually sent me a PDF of the book! I am not posting it here for obvious reasons. BTW, this book is available on Flipkart. Happy reading!

  • How to get your website indexed in Google, in 7 days!

    An attractive and informative website is not worth a penny, if it fails to  receive visitors. There are millions of people searching for all types of information, products or services everyday on major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, e.t.c. Though you have unique content that is informational as well as useful, it may take […]

  • Keyword research for SEO and Adwords

    Many a time, when I talk to prospects looking for Search Engine optimization services, I feel that the prospect is completely unaware of the “keywords” or the exact phrases the users type into search engines to find his business. Normally, the businesses are aware of a few keywords that could generate some traffic. However, it […]