Cheapest Webhosting + Domain name package from GoDaddy – Just 55 INR per month !!!

Many a time, I have come across tech start-ups, new businesses and freelancers looking for reliable and reputed website services provider for registering their domain and set up a web hosting account. While Yahoo and Godaddy are undoubtedly the best in the business, they are also the costliest. Yahoo charges 4000 INR/year onwards for basic domain and web hosting package (with 10 email ids) !!! Added to this there is always the actual website design cost that is normally charged at 500 INR per page. Of course there are cheaper alternatives like going for a local web hosting provider (almost every web design company provides domain registration and hosting services). However, we see a lot of businesses coming to us often not knowing how to recover their domain and website files since their local hosting provider has gone out of business recently!


Now, GoDaddy is offering a whopping 85% OFF on their starter package for small businesses.

Features of this web services package

1. A domain name for 1 year
2. 1 year web hosting (wordpress enabled for designing your own site in minutes)
3. 100 business emails (
4. 10 MySQL databases
5. 24/7 phone support
6. Choice of operating system (windows/linux)
7. 100 GB storage space
8. UNLIMITED bandwidth

What is the normal cost/year: 4600 INR
What is the offer price: 718 INR
Discount: 85%

How to get this offer

1. Go to and create an account (click on “Create Account” link on top of the page)
2. Activate it (email confirmation)
3. Login to your Godaddy account
4. click on (open this link in the same browser in which you are logged in to GoDaddy account)
3. In this page, there are three plans listed – Economy, Deluxe and Ultmate. Click on “Add to cart” button under ECONOMY plan. (It will be mentioned as “Rs. 161.99 /month”, but do not worry)
4. You will be prompted with add-on services in the following pop-up page. Scroll down and click on Next button.
5. In the following page, you will see “Economy web hosting” is invoiced as 708 INR!
6. Now in the same page scroll up and click on “Find your Domain” (the green colored button)
7.Type in your domain name and click on “GO” button.
8. If the pop-up says, domain is available, click on “Continue to cart” button. Else, go back and enter another domain name.
9. In the next page, change the “term” for your domain name to 1 year (by default, it will be 2 years). You can also book the domain for more than one year to shield yourself from future price increases.
10. Now see your domain charges (499 INR) are completely waived off! Click on “Check Out” and complete your purchase.

BINGO!!! – Your total website package at just 718/- INR.
Your total savings in this transaction is 3879.87 INR!!!

Shortly, I am going to write about “Creating your own premium business website on wordpress” another step-by-step guide, as a continuation to this post. This will complete the website creation process. So, please subscribe to our email list to get this update. I promise we wont sell your email to spammers :)

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