Corporate performance management

Also known as Enterprise Performance Management, Corporate Performance Management /CPM is an umbrella term used to describe frameworks, processes and KPIs to monitor and manage enterprise performance.

A well defined Digital Transformation Strategy for optimising “People – Process – Technology” and following best practices of “Data Governance” is the backbone of a successful Corporate Performance Management program. Identifying and implementing Business Process Analysis tools to compliment these frameworks, processes and KPIs is equally important.

Three keys to Enterprise Performance


Efficiently plan resources
Accurately predict capacity
improve resource performance


Standardize processes
Minimize rework
Eliminate redundancy


Increase throughput
Reduce bottlenecks
Improve performance with accuracy

Bellwether's approach to CPM

We strongly believe that integration of digital into all major value chains of your business to fundamentally change how you operate and deliver value to your customers is the the first step towards transforming the way Corporate performance is managed.

Current state assessment

The first step is to understand your business values, objectives and revenue goals. We evaluate the current peformance of your enterprise by a thorough review of your processes and technology by interacting with your people.

Future state design

Once we are armed with the information about the status quo, we will work your team hand-in-hand to build a plan to optimize existing processes, design new ones. Identifying the right technology to compliment the future state of your enterprise is the last step in this stage

Change management

Conventional change management methodologies may not work best when implementing Digital Transformation programs as a part of Corporate Performance Management. We take you by the hand and assist you at every stage of change mangement.

Corporate Performance Management
transform your enterprise

Bellwether has developed a digital transformation framework by combining functional and technology expertise to accelerate the digital transformation, from idea to implementation, for enterprises of all sizes.

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