Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing initiatives should improvise your existing marketing strategy and operations to power growth leveraging digital advantage. Integrating digital into all facets of your marketing function is the goal.

Developing the skills of your marketing team, defining technology infrastructure and identifying the right marketing partners play a major role in successful digital transformation of your Marketing function.

Bellwether's Digital Marketing framework

Bellwether has developed a holistic framework for Digital Marketing strategy with four major components.

Building Buyer Persona

The first phase is to identify online and offline data to build your ideal buyer’s profile. It may include asking questions like:

  • Demographics: What is their average age group, which geographies they live in, what are the industries they work in?
  • Role: What is the ideal role in the company in order to make buying decisions?
  • Job Description: What are the work responsibilities of your ideal buyer?
  • Online media: Where do they go for trusted sources of information?
  • Outreach options: Where do they network? conferences, forums, or business social media?
  • Motivations: What drives their buying decisions?
  • Pain Points: What problems do they face in their business that need help?

Designing Customer Experience

Once we have the ideal buyer persona, you need to start working towards designing a customer journey so as to create a seamless experience for the buyers across all online channels.

A visual mapping of your prospect’s journey with your brand from visiting your website to becoming a buyer helps as a base for implementing the same.

This visual map of customer experience needs to be shared across the Marketing team to come up with revisions and finally, a visual map that is accepted as the ideal customer experience.

Identifying Key Performance Indicators / KPIs

Performance based marketing and sales management programs need to have certain parameters to benchmark the performance of your program once implemented. By establishing relevant and fool-proof KPIs, you set yourself certain micro-goals which will in turn lead to achieving your business objectives like Demand generation or Brand visibility.

Digital Marketing KPIs include:

1. The number of visitors to your website in a month/quarter/year

2. The average number of web pages browsed by a visitor

This number can be helpful to assess how engaging your website is for your prospects. In 2019, as per a survey conducted on 3623 websites by ‘Little Data’, the average pages per visitor is found to be 3 (pages/session).

3. The average sessions per user

The number of returning visitors to your website. This number indicates how much brand recall the website visitors have after leaving your website.

4. Conversion rate / Goal-completion rate

Essentially, it is the number of conversions divided by the number of visitors you website had over a period of time. The objective is to increase the conversion ratio. By tracking this number, you can tweak your strategy on a higher level or add Call-To-Actions appropriately on your website to drive visitors towards conversions. Filling a registration form, downloading a white paper, purchasing a product are all commonly called as conversions based on what you intend your prospects to do.

An excellent article on how to increase conversions on your website is on CrazyEgg and will serve as a good starting point, if you find your conversion rate is not optimal.

Other helpful digital marketing KPIs are average session duration,click-through rate, cost per click, cost per acquisition and bounce rate.


Martech is the technology to support your digital marketing activity.

With over 4000 major Marketing technology providers in the market, identifying the right Martech tools that can compliment your buyer persona and ideal customer experience is the key to digital transformation of your marketing function.

At the same time, the Martech solutions identified at this stage should should have good Analytics features, so that the KPIs are measured accurately.

At this stage you need to identify all the sources that can help support your buyer’s journey across the Sales Funnel. Once you have identified the sources for each stage of your Sales funnel, then you ned to research about various Martech solutions available for each source.

Digital Marketing Consulting?transform your Marketing & Sales

Bellwether has developed a digital transformation framework for companies looking to embrace digital for their Marketing and Sales functions. By combining functional and technology expertise to accelerate the digital marketing transformation, we deliver customized solutions, for enterprises of all sizes.

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