How to get your website indexed in Google, in 7 days!

An attractive and informative website is not worth a penny, if it fails to  receive visitors. There are millions of people searching for all types of information, products or services everyday on major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, e.t.c. Though you have unique content that is informational as well as useful, it may take search engines ages to find your content and index it. Sometimes, your website may never be found at all!

By implementing the following tips, a new website improves its chances of being found and getting indexed by 100-fold. These techniques are tested and proven, and used by Search engine experts across the globe.


content-imgSearch engines hate plagiarism and duplicate content is a major hindrance for SEO. They just don’t want to show a website on page#1 of their search results when your website’s content is found to be copied from another source. You may have some documentation about your products, services that are to be mentioned in the website. Start with the existing content and build some more on that. Hiring a professional content writer is always the best choice but when you are tight on the website budget, you can search on the internet for more information and then modify the snippets of information from the internet to make it look original. When you are modifying the content obtained from other sources, make sure that you replace existing words by their synonyms and then add your own ideas in between.


html1-150x150Apply HTML tags like header, title, meta, strong, u, img title for every occurrence of the primary keyword on your website. For example, if you have a website that talks about dog training, then make sure that you have “dog training” in H1tag tag, “dog training tips” in H2, “dog training resources” in strong tag, e.t.c.

If you know the basics of HTML, you can do it by yourself. You can learn about these tags in a day or two by reading some online primers on HTML. It is very easy and you don’t need a designer’s help with this.

RSS Site map

rss1-150x150Search engines are not like normal users. They have difficulty in finding all pages of a website when then come for indexing a website. RSS Sitemap is a separate page of a website, that has information about other pages of the website. There are many free
RSS sitemap generators available on the internet and one of them is here.

RPC Ping servers

RPC-ping is a mechanism to notify about any freshly added content/pages for a blog/website. There are several ping servers available to update about changes to the website we are trying to get indexed. Using a tool like pingomatic or pingler can help
the website indexed faster in search engines.

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