Motion Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words – goes an old adage. If it is true, in the contemporary digital era, a video is actually worth a thousand pictures! With the attention span of an average internet user getting shorter, the need to have highly engaging content that can be consumed in a short time frame has increased dramatically. Leveraging video using Motion Graphics technologies is the way to go to achieve this end.

Wyzbee Product Explainer Videos – Motion Graphic videos

Explainer Videos – Animated Infographic videos

Static Infographics are the latest trend in marketing using visual design technologies. Animated Infographic videos are simply videos created with motion effects using the same graphic elements used in Static Infographics.
If you are looking for the same type of marketing or sales presentations used by Fortune-500 companies to make a difference and win a big first impression, then Animated Infographics are the way to go.

Please see a sample portfolio of our Infographic animations below:

Explainer Videos – Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation videos are the simplest, economical and effective way to present a brief introduction to your product or service. Due to the simple animation effects and cartoon-style graphics used, these videos give the much needed engaging-characteristic to your explainer video. Whiteboard animation videos are the most economical form of explainer videos and can be produced in the shortest time span compared to other types of videos.

Please see a sample portfolio of our Whiteboard animations below:

Logo Revealer animation video

Bring life to your logo with a stunning logo revealer video! Logo revealers videos are often used to enhance the brand in corporate videos, product or service explainer videos and in sales presentations.

Please see a sample portfolio of our Logo Revealers below: