Pharma Analytics

Bellwether – sculptors of Data to Dollars

The Pharma and life sciences organizations accumulate a lot of data all along their value chain both to improve profits and guard against risks. These huge “data-mountains” contain a lot of information about critical functions like operations, finance, quality, regulatory affairs, marketing, sales, and medical affairs. This data is unique,complex, diverse and difficult to measure because they lie in multiple places, in different formats and systems.To generate a coherent view from such complex unstructured data, with inconsistencies and variability without a proper metrics is like trying to “create order out of chaos”.

Bellwether Pharma analytics team has a deep technical expertise and good functional knowledge of all the phases of a product life cycle to understand and extract the relevant data-sets through a variety of techniques ranging from data exploration, data mining, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to meet the project requirements. Bellwether can help their customers to move from “adequacy to excellence” by helping them to leverage their data and harness the knowledge of all the stake holders with customized dashboards and integrated solutions on a real-time basis.

Bellwether analytics can bring agility and confidence to your decision making process despite the complexity and uncertainty prevalent in the healthcare industry.We can provide clear insights by collating information from disparate sources of a dynamic environment so that the leaders can achieve their goals against a moving target by converting these insights into actions. The critical information derived from such real world evidence can help to understand ground realities to make course correction, modify the strategy, improve profits and guard against risks. The peculiar results from data analysis can also serve as spring boards for new ideas and innovation, improve efficiency and stay ahead of the competitors.The secret to success lies in the ability to convert “data to Dollars” using business intelligence and cohesive actions.

To promote innovation and achieve growth we need new ideas not new rules.Bellwether can help your organization to organize, leverage, analyze and present your data with ease and clarity. We can provide insight to foresight based on descriptive, retrospective, prospective, exploratory, prescriptive and predictive analysis. We use state of the art statistical and software tools with skilled data scientists for our operations to provide greater visibility and understanding. We can provide information about cause and effects,patterns and relationships with granularity and alacrity to make strategic decisions and achieve operational success.

Bellwether data scientists are skilled sculptors, adept at breaking the data silos, to carve out the most relevant information for strategic decisions. We can convert your complex data into a very simple and visually appealing format like dashboards, graphs, charts and patterns that can be understood easily and quickly.Bellwether business intelligence and analytics team can dispel uncertainty and anxiety with engagement and encouragement to steer your organization towards purpose and direction to achieve organizational success.


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