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Dubai based Bellwether Digital Media is featured among the 20 Best Startups in IT Services

A distinguished panel of IT evangelists and Startup City editorial board has selected Bellwether, a leader in digital marketing solutions, as among the “20 Best Startups in IT Services”.

The selection is based on the evaluation of Bellwether’s capabilities to provide IT and Digital Marketing solutions to businesses in US, Dubai and India.

“This recognition comes at the right time”, says Balu, Managing Director of Bellwether. “Bellwether has bagged technology giants like amazon and Redpine Signals Inc as clients in 2015 and looking forward to expand it’s footprint in USA and Dubai markets. In the year 2016, we are expecting to add at least 100 new clients in the Middle East and North American regions”, added Balu.

About Startup City: A magazine focused on covering technology Startups across the world. "20 Best Start Ups in IT Services" is the annual compilation of best startups providing cutting edge IT solutions.

About Bellwether: A digital Marketing and IT services company providing Return-on-Investment focused online marketing services to businesses in USA, Dubai and India.

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