Sales Performance Management

In order to acquire and retain sales force, companies should know the ways they can enahance their sales process and build a consistent experience for the sales team for the entire life cycle. Our dedicated professionals can assist in Sales Performance Management consulting, selecting the right tool and implementation services targeted at building an effective sales system for companies of any size and industry.


We design and implement sales processes aligned with how your buyers buy. Whether your selling situation is simple and straightforward or highly complex, we can define your buyers’ behaviors and preferences, and then identify optimal sales process stages and activities that align effectively. There is no “one size fits all” sales process – it is crucial to fine-tune your processes to fit your unique culture and enable their execution in your CRM system.

Selecting the right tool

Just as Sales Process needs customisation, the tools and solutions to be implemented for Sales Performance Management, also vary.

Bellwether acts as your trusted and independent advisor and partner – working with you in making the best solution choices for your organization. We can help you in selecting the right software/tool for your:

  • Monthly sales comp calculation
  • Incentive Compensation Management (ICM)
  • Quota and Territory management 
  • Lead generation and management
  • Sales Content Management/Training
  • Configuration/Price/Quote (CPQ)
  • Reporting/Data/Business analytics

Whether you need a holistic Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution, or just a part of an SPM solution, we can help you.


Our SPM Implementation specialists have vast experience in implementing Anaplan, Callidus Cloud, IBM SPM, Xactly for clients from wide range of industries.

We have the best talent for a full cycle Sales Performance Management implementation.

Managed Services

Bellwether provides managed SPM solutions to relieve businesses off the complexities involved in managing SPM solutions. Our clients have benefitted by:

  1. Reduced cost overhead
  2. Increased efficiency in managing commissions
  3. Faster response times

Contact us today to discuss how you can leverage our expertise in managing Business Operations services, Change Requests handling and Performance Tuning of your SPM Solution.