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Today, many businesses have an online presence in the form of a website. They have a pretty good design, nice content which is informative as well and sometimes an e-commerce module enabling a visitor to purchase products/services online. 

Then there is the other half of the story – NO TRAFFIC

Every day, people come to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find information about products or services they wish to buy. Getting your website on top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)will give good exposure to your brand and gets you sales or business leads.

SEO Consulting companies - What do they do?

Search Engine Optimization consulting has the below phases to get a website ranking on Search Engines. Since, the most common search engine used is Google, in the text that follows, we have used “Google” when we intend to talk about “Search Engines” in general.

It all starts with making your website fully visible to Google. It means, all the pages you intend to promote to your potential clients, should be made accessible to Google bots as well. When Google identifies your website and all other pages, it is known as Crawling

In case you keep updating your website with new content or new web pages, the SEO consultant will ensure that Google will crawl the website again and finds the latest changes and stores them in it’s Index

Not only your website visitors, but also search engines love great content! By providing insightful content about your services or about the common issues of your customers, makes your brand stand out as a though leader in your industry. A good SEO consulting firm will always have exceptional content writers to support their SEO.

Google looks at endorsements to your website by other popular web properties as a sign of good reputation of your business. These endorsements are commonly known as backlinks. Each website in Google’s index is given an authority-score by Google algorithm based on it’s reputation on the world wide web. The authority score was earlier named as Page rank by Google. Now, several third-party sites, use something known as Domain authority to express the same. The higher the authority score, the better the chances of a website appearing on Page#1 of search results. 

Bellwether's approach to SEO

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis/ keyword discovery is the first step in Search Engine Optimization. In this stage, we use the historical search data to find “what keywords” (search phrases) people have used on Google when they are looking for a particular service. 

Once our SEO Services consultants decide on the keywords which have high search volume, then we proceed to the next stages of Search Engine Optimization.


Content Creation 

Starting from 2015, Google has tweaked it’s ranking algorithm to reward articles or blog posts that use long-form content by improving their search result positions. Several studies have found that the ideal content length is at least 1000 words and should cover end-to-end of the topic being blogged.

We will identify the keywords with high search volumes on Google and develop content in the form of new web pages / blog posts and optimize those pages  to rank on Page#1 on Google search for the target keywords.


Backlink building

Backlinks are at the heart of SEO. The Key is to build backlinks that have “relevance” to the product and “authority” in terms of Google PR/DA. Backlinks will be build to the newly published blog posts (from the above step) to push them higher in Google search results pages, eventually getting them appear on Page#1.

A complete “White-hat” solution

Most of the SEO companies rely on unethical means to “fool” search engines and rank higher in the search results. This is called Black-hat SEO. While this method yields good results in the short term, there’s is a high risk of getting blacklisted by search engines permanently. 

You may refer to the infamous case of for an in-depth analysis of what black hat seo is and how search engines find and penalize websites that follow such practices.

Bellwether a best SEO company in Hyderabad, Our Top SEO Services team has comprehensive knowledge about the methods of optimization approved by Google and other search engines. In fact, our SEO services are developed by studying several patents granted to Google. Bellwether, a SEO company in India, can say that the 100% success rate we enjoy with our search engine optimization Service consulting is largely due to following white hat SEO methods as discusses in these original patents granted to Google.

Guaranteed First page position via Annual Maintenance Contract

Once a website appears on page#1 for the desired keywords, we provide an optional AMC for maintaining the page#1 position. This is like an “extended warranty” and the customer do not need to worry about fluctuations of his website’s position in search results.

Search Engine Optimization consulting
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Bellwether has developed an organic traffic generation framework by combining over 12 years of experience in generating qualified traffic  from search engines. Our SEO consulting clients range from niche businesses to large enterprises.

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