Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a beautiful website,
but not getting business leads from your website?

Today, many businesses have an online presence in the form of a website. They have a pretty good design, nice content which is informative as well and sometimes an ecommerce module enabling a visitor to purchase products/services online. Then there is other half of the story – NO TRAFFIC !

Every day, people come to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find information about products or services thay wish to buy. Popping your website listing on to the first page of these Search Engine Results Page,(SERP)will give huge exposure to your brand and gets you direct sales or business leads to you.

Search Engine Marketing Services – Our approach

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis/ keyword discovery is the first step in Search Engine Optimization. In this stage, we use the historical search data to find “what keywords” (search phrases) people have used on Google when they are looking for a particular service. For example, a person may use the following search phrases/keywords when he needs a detective agency in Orange County:

  • Detective in orange county
  • Detective agencies in orange county
  • Private detective in orange county
  • Private spy in orange county

Once our best SEO Service team decides on the keywords which have high search volume, then we proceed to the actual Search Engine Optimization stages.

A complete “White-hat” solution

Most of the SEO companies rely on unethical means to “fool” search engines and rank higher in the search results. This is called Black-hat SEO. While this method yields good results in the short term, thers is a high risk of getting blacklisted by search engines permanently. You may refer to the infamous case of for an indepth analysis of what blackhat seo is and how search engines find and penalize websites that follow such practices.

Bellwether a best SEO company in Hyderabad, Our Top SEO Services team has comprehensive knowledge about the methods of optimization approved by Google and other search engines. Infact, our SEO services are developed by studying the actual patent granted to Google in 2007. Bellwether, a SEO company in India, can definitely say that the 100% success rate we enjoy with our search engine optimization Service projects is largely due to following white hat SEO methods as discusses in this original patent of Google.

Guaranteed First page position via Annual Maintenance Contract

Once a website appears on page#1 for the desired keywords, we provide an optional AMC for maintaining the page#1 position. This is like an “extended warranty” and the customer do not need to worry about fluctuations of his website’s position in search results.