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A picture is worth a thousand words – goes an old saying. If it is true, in this contemporary digital era, a video is actually worth a thousand pictures! Now-a-days you see them everywhere. Explainer Video production Service and marketing has become all pervasive and they appear whether you are on Facebook, searching for something on Google or casually browsing a healthcare article on WebMD. The ever increasing broadband speeds and the penetration of high speed internet in the emerging markets are the driving forces behind the rise of Explainer Video Production Service as a popular medium of marketing.

Bellwether is popular for using robust technologies among the digital marketing consultancies in India, we captured our services in startup video’s aiming to achieve audience attention on websites. Statistically Explainer Video production and marketing is the game changer in the internet marketing and so we are.

You have seen them everywhere. Videos have become all pervasive and they appear Whether you are on Facebook, searching for something on Google or casually browsing a healthcare article on WebMD. The ever increasing broadband speeds and the penetration of high speed internet in the emerging markets are driving forces behind the rise of Video as a popular web media.

Bellwether came up with the most economical and different forms of Explainer Video production services which include:

Explainer video creation service: Bring life to your website brand logo with a stunning logo revealer video! we offer the most economical form of our Explainer video creation service to enhance the brand in corporate videos, product or service explainer videos and in sales presentations.

Explainer Video Production Service Company: Leveraging video using Motion Graphics technologies is the way to go. We Specialize in:

  • Whiteboard animation video production are the simplest, economical and effective way to present a brief introduction of a product or service. Due to the simple animation effects and cartoon-style graphics used, these animation production videos give the much needed engaging-characteristic to your product or service. These can be produced in the shortest time span compared to other types of videos.
  • Static Infographics are the latest trend in video marketing using visual design technologies.
  • Animated Infographic videos which are the way to go with our Explainer video production and creation service as our first impression is in working and creating videos with motion effects using the same graphic elements used in Static Infographics.


The Rise of Explainer Video:

According to a survey by Comcast in 2014, Youtube, the world’s largest Video portal gets 1 billion unique users per month! That is a whopping 15% of the world population visit Youtube. Other Video sharing platforms like Daily Motion and Vimeo see over 250 milliuon unique users per month.

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Video – the preferred mode of communication:

The attention span of an average internet user is very low. As the advertisers and publishers become more innovative in the way they try to divert the attention of the website visitor to their ads, it has resulted in a phenomenon called Ad blindness or banner blindness. The average user’s responsiveness to the static banner ads/ image ads on a website has decreased considerably. A workaround to user’s passiveness is using an embedded video.

Video marketing is the game changer, statistically too:

  • A one minute of effective video is equal to 1.8 Million Words, – Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research
  • 100 Million – Video viewers on the internet everyday
  • 90% of the online shoppers say that watching a product’s video has influenced their buying decision
  • 75% of the top level executives say that they watch business related videos atleast once a week – Forbes
  • 80% of the internet users recall watching a video on a website even after one month
  • 46% of them took some action on the website after watching the video. – Online Publishers Associatio

White board animation Video:

White board animations are quickly becoming popular because of their novelty and cost effectiveness.

We are a innovative team of advertisers and publishers ,the way we try to divert the attention of the website visitor through Explainer video creation service to the ads and embedded videos as the video marketing and Motion Graphics has been becoming the preferred mode of communication and trendsetters.

So you want to walk along the trends of internet marketing. Bellwether, a Explainer video Production company is here to take your website brand or your brand logo or products or services to the users and customers with appealing and attractive Explainer video creation service and Startup Video creation service. Call us or contact us for the novelty and cost effective Video marketing and Motion Graphics services of Bellwether Explainer video Production Company at +91 40 64583136.

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